Small scale projects within the framework of technical cooperation


Here you can find information about applications for as well as implementation of small scale projects of the German Embassy:

The programme of small scale projects of the German Embassy provides funds to local beneficiaries under the aspect of social, humanitarian and charitable assistance. Its focus is on underprivileged groups in the society.

Small scale projects do not form part of current projects of development cooperation; they are independent projects funded from their initial stage to final completion. The allocation in general must not exceedthe equivalent of 10.000 € in GHS. The beneficiaries cannot claim further payments from the fund after the project has been completed. Costs for personnel as well as “overhead charges” cannot be funded.

All operational costs have to be documented by conclusive receipts. Property rights (in case of rented buildings) have to be established. The implementation of the project should be completed within a period of three months or, at the latest, before the end of September of the current year. The presentation of a detailed final report (with photos) together with a proof of employments of funds and the original invoices and receipts is compulsory.

Applications should have been submitted to the Embassy latest by 31st December for the following year. The selection process is being conducted between January and March of the following year.

The application should include:

  • Name of the organisation/institution/person(s) representing the beneficiaries
  • Short and concise description of the project, if possible with full documentation and intended time of implementation
  • Objective of the project
    beneficiaries contribution
  • Statement on how the German contribution will be used
  • Justification of developmental benefit of the project
  • Explanation for sustainability of the project
  • Cost estimate(s) in Ghana Cedi together with pro-forma invoices
  • Confirmation that the same application has not been submitted to a second party
  • Confirmation that no third party is involved in the proposed project
  • Confirmation that the proposed project has not been started

All information in this leaflet is based on the findings and assessments of the Embassy at the time of writing. No liability can be accepted for the completeness and correctness and of the contents

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