Formal Obligation

07.02.2020 - Article
Formal Obligation
Formal Obligation© G.E.A

A formal obligation as proof of financial means can be deposed at the German Embassy in Accra. The formal obligation can serve as a confirmation that a sponsor has enough financial means to cover the costs arising from the invitee`s trip to and stay in Germany and may be deposed to, for example, for the purpose of a visa application.

The formal obligation can be deposed at the Embassy by a German citizen or, in exceptional cases, by foreign citizens.

The guarantor has to come in person with the following documents:

  • 2 copies of datapage of passport of sponsor
  • 2 copies of datapage of person that will be sponsored
  • 2 copies of proof of income (payslip, German bank acount statements etc.)
  • fee of € 29,- (payable cash in GHS according to the current exchange rate)

The sponsor is requested to submit only complete documents. To book an appointment please send an e-mail to info@accra.diplo.de

Please note: the visa applicant has to submit the original of the formal obligation on the day of the visa interview. Therefore, it is not possible for the guarantor to depose his formal obligation the same day as the visa interview is but it has to be done in advance.

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