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25.01.2019 - Article

Increase of the required credit balance on blocked accounts.

Important information

Proof of blocked bank account with required credit balance to be provided during interview

From October 1, 2022 all applicants for a student visa have to present proof of an opened blocked bank account with the required amount of 11.208 Euros (934.00 Euros per month) during their interview appointment along with evidence of the origin of the funds (e. g. bank statements, pay slips, company registration documents). In case of sponsorship, a letter signed by the sponsor is additionally required. Sponsors do not have be present at the Embassy.

Should your visa be denied, the official refusal letter can be used to close the blocked bank account.

Limited Availability of Interview Appointments

The Embassy offers two appointment categories for students. Due to the very high demand all appointments for student visa applications Category B are fully booked for the next eight weeks.

Appointments in Category A are only applicable for highly qualified applicants, who fulfil one of the following requirements:

  • Master Students, who completed their Bachelor's Degree with First Class Honours
  • PhD Students
  • (Scientific) Researchers
  • Scholarship Holders with a scholarship from a German or European institution (for example: DAAD, KAAD, Erasmus+)
  • Students who successfully participated in the TestAS (score of 100 or higher)
  • Students who successfully participated in an A1 German language exam (score of 80 or higher)
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