Short stay (maximum of 90 days, e.g. for a holiday or business trip)


A 'Schengen visa' is a visa for short stays (up to 90 days within a period of 180 days) in Germany and European countries within the Schengen area for tourism, visit or business purposes. You also have to apply for a Schengen visa in case you need to obtain an airport transit visa.

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According to the so-called Schengen Agreement, a Schengen visa allows you to stay in the following countries for up to 90 days within a period of 180 days: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

However, you always have to apply for a Schengen visa at the Embassy of the Member State which is your main destination in terms of length or purpose of stay. If no main destination can be determined, the visa has to be applied for at the Embassy of the Member State whose external border the applicant crosses first.

The following countries are NOT part of the Schengen area: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom.

According to Art. 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (also known as: General Data Protection Regulation), information about the collection of personal information must be provided to visa applicants. To learn more about this topic, please read the Data Protection Information Sheet

The German Embassy in Accra accepts visa applications only from permanent residents of GHANA, LIBERIA and SIERRA LEONE (habitual abode of at least six months).

The German Embassy in Accra issues Schengen visas on behalf of ESTONIA for permanent residents of GHANA. Click here for more Information 

Preparing your application

Submitting your visa application at the German Embassy Accra

In order to submit your application, you have to attend your appointment in person. During the interview appointment, you are asked to submit your complete application with all supporting documents and pay the visa fee. Your fingerprints will also be taken on this occasion.

Please do not send any documents to the Embassy before your interview appointment. The Visa Section is not able to store such documents and will disregard them.

What happens during processing?

The Embassy will review your application and assess whether your visa application meets all the legal requirements. Currently, the average processing time is one week. In individual cases the processing time might increase to up to 45 days.

Return of your passport

Your passport can be collected in person or by an authorized third person.

If the visa is granted, it is your duty to verify whether the information printed on the visa sticker is correct and complete. Any errors have to be reported to the Embassy immediately upon collection.
How to read your visa sticker

There are various reasons why your visa application may be rejected. The reasons will be stated in the refusal letter. The reasons are explained here: Why was my visa refused?

If your visa application was rejected and you do not agree with the decision, you or an authorized third party can appeal against the visa refusal within one month. The appeal has to be done in writing and has to contain a signature. The appeal letter has to state your file number and mailing address (P.O. Box).

Please note that the processing of an appeal may take up to three months. The Embassy asks for your understanding that the Visa Section is unable to answer any questions on the status of your appeal during this period. After that, enquiries can only be answered if they are made by the applicant, his/her legal representative or another person authorized in writing by the applicant.

You also have the possibility to submit a new visa application at any time with complete, informative and verifiable documentation.

Complaints about the Schengen visa application process

Schengen visa applicants may submit complaints about the conduct of the consulate staff or the visa application process via the contact form. In the contact form, please select the option “Beschwerde zum Schengen-Visum-Verfahren”. Please note that complaints may only be submitted in German or English. We are unable to follow up on complaints in languages other than German or English. Please enter one of the following two options in the “Subject” field of the contact form:

  • Complaint about the conduct of consulate staff
  • Complaint about the visa application process

We will follow up on your complaint once it has been received.

Important information: No legal remedies against decisions to refuse, annul or revoke a visa – in particular no remonstrations – may be submitted via the complaints contact form.

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