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01.12.2017 - Article

Citizenship Law

You want to know wether you are eligible for the German citizenship?

In Germany the so-called “Jus soli” (law of soil) is not applicable, but instead the “Jus sanguinis” (law of blood). This means, being born in Germany (German birth certificate) does NOT entitle one to German citizenship. By birth a child becomes German, if one of the parents is German citizen at time of birth. If you were born out of wedlock and your father is German, he needs to legally acknowledge paternity.

This citizenship law was amended a few years ago: If you were born in Germany after the year 2000 by Ghanaian/foreign parents and your parents had legal residence in Germany for at least 8 years before your birth, you are entitled to German citizenship.

Please direct further questions concerning German citizenship to the legal and consular section.

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