German passports for adults and German identity cards for people over 16 years old



General information

All applicants must come to the Embassy in person when the application is submitted (for identification and fingerprinting).

An appointment must be booked in advance for all applicants, e.g. for two people you also need two appointments, etc. You can book appointments here.

You can apply for several documents in one appointment (e.g. passport and identity card for the same person)

Documents required for application

Please note for your appointment: You must bring the original documents with you

  1. Application form
  2. Current German ID document (if no first passport)
  3. birth certificate
  4. German naturalization certificate or certificate of acquisition of German citizenship by declaration of the German parent (if applicable)
  5. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  6. Name certificate after marriage or divorce (if applicable)
  7. Proof of other nationalities (if applicable)
  8. Doctoral certificate (if applicable and entry of the academic title desired)
  9. De-registration certificate from Germany (only required if a German place of residence was entered in the last German ID document)
  10. Ghanaian residence permit (only for applicants who do not also have Ghanaian citizenship)
  11. 1 current biometric passport photo per document to be applied for (please no older than three months)

Processing times

Biometric passports and ID cards are produced centrally by Bundesdruckerei in Berlin. Estimated processing times are as follows:

Regular Passport
6 to 8 weeks
Passport Express
3 to 4 weeks
Identity card 5 to 6 weeks

These processing times apply from the time the embassy orders the documents from Bundesdruckerei and are non-binding. If there are delays in the application process (e.g. due to missing documents), the processing times will be extended accordingly.

Validity of ID documents

  • Biometric passports and identity cards for adults under 24 years: 6 years
  • Biometric passports and identity cards for adults over 24 years: 10 years
  • Provisonal passports: up to 1 year

Changes since last application

If there have been significant changes in your circumstances since the last application, you should check whether and which further steps may be necessary before you apply for a passport.

Example 1:

You got married and want to take your spouse's surname. A name declaration is then required before the application is submitted. More information can be found here.

Example 3:

You want or have been naturalized in Ghana. Make sure you have previously received a retention approval. Otherwise you risk losing your German citizenship.


Oerview of the fees for German ID documents and additional services:

Passport for a person under 24 years old 68,50 Euro
Passport for a person over 24 years old
101,00 Euro
Express fee (in addition to the basic fee)
32,00 Euro
48 pages in the passport (in addition to the basic fee)
22,00 Euro
Surcharge for non-responsibility (in addition to the basic fee) 37,50-70,00 Euro
Temporary passport
70,00 Euro
Surcharge for non-responsibility Temporary Passport (in addition)
26,00 Euro
Change of residence (passport/identity card) free of charge
Identity card for a person under 24 years old
52,80 Euro
Identity card for a person over 24 years old 67,00 Euro
Surcharge for non-responsibility Identity card (in addition)
13,00 Euro
Emergency travel document to Germany 52,00 Euro

The fees are to be paid on the day of application in GHS at the current exchange rate of the embassy. They cannot be paid in EUR in cash.

How to book an appointment?

As soon as you have compiled all the documents, you can book an appointment via our central appointment system.

Please note that a separate appointment must be booked for each passport applicant, including children.

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