Appointment booking for passports



General information

Passports and identity cards can only be applied for by prior appointment.

Please note the following information before or while booking an appointment.

One appointment must be booked for each applicant (e.g. you need to apply for you and your two children, i.e. 3 appointments must be booked)
Several documents can be requested in one appointment (e.g. a passport and an identity card).
Please be punctual for the appointment; Delays may result in cancellation of the appointment.
The dates shown are the earliest available dates. Please note that the embassy is working hard to offer as many appointments as possible. Due to the high demand, there can currently be waiting times of several months for an appointment. Please take this into account when submitting your forward-looking application.

If you need a faster appointment in an emergency (e.g. death or illness in the immediate family or short-term business trips), we ask you to contact the passport office using the contact form and provide concrete evidence of your emergency situation (e.g. death certificate, letter from your employer or professional invitations to keep ready). We try to answer you as soon as possible.

Appointment booking

As soon as you have compiled all the documents, you can book an appointment via our central appointment system.

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