FAQs on general visa matters and their answers


Appointments and general questions on visa issues - Questions and their answers

Booking an Appointment for Visa

Kindly keep checking the online appointment system. New slots are regularly opened. Kindly keep checking the online Appointment system and some bookings are cancelled occasionally.

The embassy does not offer special appointments. Kindly cancel and rebook in case you find a more favourable appointment.

Kindly send a request to resend the booking confirmation including your passport number to the following email address: visa@accr.auswaertiges-amt.de

Your booking confirmation for your visa appointment contains a link to cancel you appointment. After cancellation you should be able to book a new appointment on the online appointment system.

If you registered in the waiting list for a Student visa application and you have not received an appointment after 4 weeks of waiting time, you can write an email to visa@accr.diplo.de. Kindly do not approach the Embassy before 4 weeks after registration.

General Questions on Visa Issues

You can file an appeal with the administrative court in Berlin within 1 month of receiving the rejection notice. Please refer to the rejection notice for further information.

The validity of your passport should exceed that of the intended visa by three months.

If you have received a visa to study or do research in Germany within the last 3 months, your family can register on the waiting list for students. If you received a visa to enter Germany more than 3 months ago and have been in Germany for a longer time, your family must register on the waiting list for family reunification.

The necessary documents are listed in the information sheet on family reunification on our website.

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