Visa for medical treatment


This means that you want to enter Germany for a short stay of up to 90 days in order to undergo medical treatment.

You need to submit the following documents as originals:

1.completed and signed visa application form for Schengen visa

valid passport and 1 copy of the passport data page

Validity of passport must exceed the duration of intended stay in Germany by at least 3 months. Passport must contain at least 2 blank pages and must have been issued within the past 10 years.

3.1 recent passport picture with white background

original birth certificate of the applicant, based on the first registration plus 1 copy

5.previous passports, if applicable
6.flight reservation for round-trip (no ticket required)

visa fee of 80.00 Euro, only payable in cash in Ghana Cedi


travel health insurance, covering entire duration of stay and valid for all Schengen States


proof of accommodation / hotel reservation


proof of sufficient financial resources for the planned stay:

  • Bank statements for the last three months
  • Pay slips for the last three months
  • Formal obligation according to §66-68 AufenthG plus one copy

proof of social and economic ties to country of residence

  • marriage certificate and birth certificates of dependent children, if applicable plus 1 copy
  • current personal bank statements of the last 3 months
  • for children and students: official leave letter from school or university, including proof of paid school fees and reports
  • if employed: letter of introduction from employer and payslips of the last 3 months
  • if self-employed: business registration certificate & “Form A”, tax clearance certificate, proof of active business (bills of lading, import declaration forms, invoices) plus 1 copy

The following documents need to be submitted additionally for visas for Medical Treatment:


letter from local doctor stating diagnosis


letter from German hospital/doctor stating agreement to treat patient and expected duration of treatment.


overview of estimated costs of surgery/treatment.


proof of sufficient financial means for treatment and costs of living during the stay


proof of advance payment of at least 50% - receipt from German hospital/doctor

The required documents must be submitted complete at the personal interview. Documents sent in advance cannot be considered.

It is not possible to process incomplete applications. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Note on proof of financial means:

In general, all costs of the trip must be borne by the applicant. Only a personal and worldwide accessible bank account is suitable as proof of financial means. Bank statements and pay stubs are considered proof of financial means.
Please note that the Embassy will not accept or consider bank statements from unlicensed microfinance institutions or unlicensed banks. Lists of officially licensed financial institutions can usually be found on the homepage of the respective bank responsible for licensing (e.g. www.bog.gov.gh). It is strongly discouraged to use a bank statement from a microfinance institution or rural bank for a visa application.

Note on formal obligation:

If the cost of the trip cannot be borne by the applicant: Formal obligation of the host/invitee according to §§ 66 to 68 Residence Act in original, confirmed by the local aliens authority in Germany.

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