Family reunion of children


This means that you are the custodian living in Germany and your minor children want to move in with you.

The following documents must be submitted as described:

1.two visa VIDEX application forms, completely filled out and signed
2.Original passport of the applicant plus 2 copies
3.three passport pictures of the applicant – white background
4.visa fee of 37,50 Euros, payable in Ghana Cedis or by credit card (applications of persons who travel to an EU-citizen are free of charge)
5.two passport pictures of the parents
6.complete passport copy of reference person (parent) in Germany (all pages, including data page)
7.copy of residence permit of reference person (parent) in Germany, if applicable

The following documents must be submitted in the original with two copies

8.Birth certificate - based on FIRST registration!
9.all WAEC-Certificates (BECE/WASSCE with date of birth!)
10.marriage certificate of the parents, if married
11.recently issued (within the past six months) proof of address in Germany of reference person (“Meldebescheinigung”)
12.affidavit of the other parent giving his/her consent to the application of the child to join the parent in Germany. The signature of the parent consenting to the application has to be certified by a competent German authority (e.g. the German Embassy) or proof of sole custody (e.g. death certificate of other parent, custody order according to Children’s Act)
13.if the child is 16 years or older: proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language by presenting a C-1 level certificate of the Goethe Institute.

in case of previous deportation from Germany: written proof of authorisation to re-enter Germany issued by the competent immigration office in Germany

15.evidence of former residence/stay in Germany (e.g. old passport, visa, Emergency Travel Certificate), if applicable

The required documents must all be submitted in full at the personal interview. Documents sent in advance cannot be considered for capacity reasons.

It is not possible to process incomplete applications. If incomplete applications are submitted, the visa application will be denied.

The processing time is several months. The visa cannot be issued without the consent of the competent immigration authority.

For this reason, we ask you to refrain from inquiring about the status of your application.

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