Visa for the Opportunity Card


Applicable from 01.06.2024

All required documents need to be submitted at the personal interview including the application form. Please do not staple the photocopies. Original certificates / documents must be presented separately. Your original documents will be returned to you once your application has been processed.

Further information on the topic of the Opportunity Card can be found at:


The following documents have to be submitted as indicated below:


VIDEX application form

+ the additional declaration

completely filled out in English or German, signed by the applicant himself

2.Visa fee75,00 Euro,

Payable only in cash in GHS at the current exchange rate of the Embassy or by credit card

3.1 biometric photograph

- not older than 6 months

- uniform white background

- size: 3.5x4,5 cm

- not glued or stapled to the application form

The following documents must be submitted in original and with one set of copies in DIN A4 format. Please do NOT staple the documents!

4. Passport

- Original passport + copy of data page

- valid for at least 6 more months and at least two free pages

5.Birth certificatebased on first registration
6.School leaving certificatesWAEC-certificates: BECE and WASSCE
7.Proof of previous and current academic studies, if applicablee.g. Higher National Diploma/University degree with transcripts, professional training
8.Proof of work experience, if applicablee.g.
- work contract
- statement of employer
- salary slips
9.Curriculum vitae (CV)

Including the following points:

- specification of the certificates, diplomas and qualifications obtained

- professional training
-work experience

10.Letter of motivation

- signed by the applicant

- detailed expectations of planned stay,

anticipated career and personal benefits as well as future plans
11.Proof of adequate financial means

a) in the form of a blocked account

With an amount of minimum 1027 Euro for each month.

Open the blocked account in good time BEFORE you apply for a visa. When applying for a visa, only the official confirmation of the opening of the account including information on the amount paid in and the amount available per month will be accepted. A confirmation which does not include this information is not sufficient. Proof of lodgement or transfer of funds without the aforementioned confirmation from the bank is not sufficient.

b) in the form of a formal obligation

(“Verpflichtungserklärung”) according to Sec. 66 to 68 of the German Residence Act covering the entire duration of stay, signed by a person living in Germany at the local competent office in Germany.

The formal obligation can only be accepted as an adequate proof of finance with the remark “nachgewiesen.” (The financial capability of the sponsor has been verified).

c) Part-time job

Employment contract for a part-time job in Germany (up to 20 hours per week)

12.Proof of qualification

To receive an Opportunity Card, you must fulfil the (A) basic requirements AND EITHER be a (B) skilled worker OR have at least six points on (C) the points system.

(A) Basic requirements:

I) At least two years of professional training recognized by the country in which it was acquired, or a university degree recognized in the country in which it was acquired.

The determination must be made by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) and applied for directly here:


II) Proof of sufficient knowledge of German at level A1 or knowledge of English at level B2 in the form of a language certificate recognized by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) or TOEFL.

III) Proof of adequate financial means to secure a living in Germany (see point 11).

(B) Skilled Worker

As per the German immigration law a skilled worker has to have a in Germany recognised vocational training or university degree.

The determination must be made by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) and applied for directly here:


(C) 6 Points gained by point system:

4 points

- Partial recognition of a foreign professional qualification.


- Permission to practise a regulated profession (e.g. teacher, nurse or engineer).

3 points

- 5 years' work experience (within the last 7 years) in the skilled occupation and two years' prior vocational training in accordance with the regulations of the country of origin.


- Good knowledge of German at level B2.

2 points

- Two years' work experience (within the last five years) with prior vocational training.


- Not older than 35 years.


- German language skills at level B2.

1 point

- Not older than 40 years


- Previous stay in Germany (at least six months). You must provide documented proof of this. Previous tourist stays do not count.


- Very good knowledge of English (C1).


- Reasonable knowledge of German (A2).


- Vocational training/university degree in an area of official labour shortage in Germany.


- Apply for the Opportunity Card together with your spouse.

Opportunity Card Calculater:


13Proof of recent job/vogactional training place search in Germanye.g. email correspondence regarding applications, job offers, agency enquiries, etc.
14.Health insurance

- incoming medical insurance and

- proof of public / private insurance covering the applicant as an expat in Germany

- a travel insurance is NOT sufficient

If as an employee you are subject to mandatory statutory health insurance, you must bear in mind that this insurance can only begin when you take up residence in Germany and enter into employment.

Therefore, a health insurance coverage must be proven for the period prior to the employment beginning and prior to being eligible for statutory health insurance.

15.Residence permit for Ghana, if applicable
- as proof of a legal residence status in Ghana
- only for applicants with a nationality other than Ghanaian, Liberian or Sierra Leonean

The embassy must involve the competent authority in Germany in the visa procedure. Depending on previous stays, the answer may take some time. Therefore, apply for the visa in good time. We ask for your understanding that inquiries about the status of the application cannot be answered within the first 4 weeks of the application.

All above information is without guarantee for correctness and completeness. They are based on the information available to the embassy at the time of creation.

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