Visa for Family Reunion

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Here you find information on national visa for family reunion of spouses, minor children, parents of German minor children and for marriage purposes.

General Information

The German Embassy in Accra is responsible for processing visa applications from persons residing in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The visa entitles you to enter Germany. After you have arrived in Germany, if all requirements are met, you will be issued a residence permit corresponding to your purpose of stay. It is not possible to apply for the residence permit directly in Germany.


In order to apply for a visa for the purpose of family reunification in Germany, the applicant must appear in person. Appointments can only be booked via the online appointment system on the Embassy's website.

Due to the high demand for appointments in the area of family reunification, there are often waiting times of several months.

Application forms

Please bring the completed and signed application form and the two additional declarations to your appointment at the visa office. Without a completed forms, you will be denied entry to the visa office.

Application form

Declaration 1

Declaration 2

Application procedure

For organizational reasons, there may be waiting times for personal appointments. Applicants who arrive late for their appointment cannot be considered and must book a new appointment.

All required documents must be submitted in full at the personal interview. Documents sent in advance cannot be considered due to capacity constraints. It is not possible to process incomplete applications. No positive decision can be made if incomplete applications are submitted.

The processing time is several months.

The visa cannot be issued without the consent of the competent immigration authority.

Please do not ask for an update on your application earlier than 12 weeks after submitting the application, as the processing time is usually more than 3 months.

If the visa is granted, it is your duty to verify whether the information printed on the visa sticker is correct and complete and to report any errors to the Embassy immediately. The embassy is not liable for financial damage caused by corrections not reported in good time.

Note on Ghanaian documents

Since the requirements for the legalization of public documents according to Section 13 (2) and (4) of the Consular Act are not fulfilled in the host country until further notice, documents may be checked in the course of the visa procedure. More detailed information on the subject can be found on the Embassy's website.

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